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Healthcare Professionals Testimonials

Below are comments from physicians and other healthcare professionals about Rephresh.

"I recently had a patient ask me about the need for douching. I proceeded to explain to them that douching is unnecessary and can be harmful. The vagina contains multiple microorganisms that, when in balance, maintain the vagina in a healthy state. A number of commonly encountered influences can throw off this balance, including antibiotics, hormonal changes such as birth control pills and menopause, and douching.

Douching affects the balance of bacteria and yeast in the vagina, which can lead to yeast infections and bacterial overgrowth called bacterial vaginosis. Douching also can push bacteria and other organisms that are in the vagina up into the uterus, through the fallopian tubes and into the pelvis.

For those of you who absolutely cannot live without the use of some kind of feminine product, try using a product formulated to maintain the normal pH of the vagina. An example is the RepHresh Gel. It is a gel that can be used up to every three days that helps maintain the normal, healthy pH of the vagina, which in turn helps prevent conditions like bacterial vaginosis."

- A. Lewis, MD

"So many things affect pH, so many things throw pH off that balance is everything ... I am a firm believer in the use of the RepHreshproduct."

- K. McGirr, CNM, MSN

"I have recommended RepHresh on several occasions. I see about 10 patients per week that could be helped by RepHresh. pH balancing is very important in maintaining vaginal health to prevent infection. I think RepHresh is an excellent product."

- A. Unell, MD

"The vagina has a flora of microorganisms. Maintaining the proper pH balance helps keep these organisms in balance, reducing the chance of problems like odour and irritation."

- M. Kirkwood, MD

"I'm a firm believer in benefits of gently acidifying the vaginal environment. Looking forward to my experience with this product."

- R. Lackore, Ms

These testimonials are from USA as RepHresh has been on the market there now for several years.