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What is Rephresh?

Many vaginal problems are caused by an imbalance in vaginal pH. An unbalanced pH can be caused by common occurrences such as your period, unprotected sex, douching or the hormonal changes you experience during pregnancy. The good news is that balanced vaginal pH is important for maintaining good vaginal health. And that’s where RepHreshcomes in.

RepHreshis an over-the-counter vaginal gel clinically proven to maintain healthy vaginal pH. It’s colourless, odourless and long-lasting - just one application lasts for three full days.

Use RepHresh:
  • After your period
  • Before or after sex
  • After douching
  • For freshness anytime

Why does Vaginal pH matter?

A normal vaginal pH of 4.5 is important for maintaining good vaginal health. At this optimum pH level, your vagina contains a specific balance of necessary bacteria and some yeast cells. This delicate balance can easily be disturbed, and when this happens, vaginal problems, like odour, irritation, discomfort and even infections, are more likely to occur.

How do I know if RepHresh is right for me?

If you have had reoccurring symptoms that have not responded to other over the counter products – RepHresh may be for you!

Your doctor can tell you if you should be using RepHreshto balance your vaginal pH and rule out any other infections that cannot be treated by RepHresh. He or she may suggest you use RepHresh if you have regular vaginal odour, irritation or discomfort. While RepHresh is safe for pregnant women, if you are pregnant you should consult your doctor before using RepHresh or any over-the-counter medications. Plus, if you think you currently have a vaginal infection, you should see your doctor for the correct diagnosis.

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